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Welcome to, your complete business directory of Australia's premier websites or businesses which offer backhoe equipment and backhoe services. lists Australia's top companies and websites that can assist you with any backhoe needs from hiring backhoes to buying used backhoes to gaining a backhoes operator licence.

Backhoes are among the many pieces of construction equipment that are commonly used. Consisting of a bucket attached to a hinged pole on the boom and a loader at the front, the backhoe equipment is a machine excavator used for hauling debris, soil and any other materials.

Backhoe equipment can be used on various digging and excavation projects. Currently, there are many establishments across Australia that offers backhoe hire services including digging for irrigation, drainage, swimming pools, tree and vine removal, septic tanks, house pads, under vine trenching, rabbit ripping and many other jobs that require the use of backhoes. Due to this versatility and strength, backhoes are very popular on various projects and construction sites.

Within Australia and on there are numerous outlets through which backhoes can be hired or purchased for excavation projects with companies and programs in place that assess second-hand backhoes for any mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical problems.

Of course due to legal workplace restrictions, only a licenced backhoe operator is able to use this machinery due to workplace occupational health and safety issues. There are training courses available through which a person can receive full training and assessment and obtain a full backhoes licence, allowing them to operate either within a company or freelancing.

Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart or in any other suburbs of Australia, you can find backhoe hire businesses in your area. If you are looking to buy any backhoe equipment such as backhoes vehicle or bucket, you may visit any backhoe shops in your area or browse online. Some of these backhoe establishments not only sells backhoe equipment but offers a variety of backhoe services as well.

Backhoe Articles

When The Terra Is Less Than Firm, Dig Deep For A Reliable Foundation

HERE is a true story: A young builder buys his first block of land in an outer suburb and starts site excavations. When he is half a metre down the backhoe bucket begins to unearth tin cans, plastic bags and bottles. More and more loose rubbish is scooped up more

Quiet Explorer Set To Slip From Under The Radar

The market will be watching to see if an old MIM prospect that legend has it was richly worked with a backhoe can provide more gold.

Police Search For Backhoe Joy-riders

POLICE are searching for a group of thieves who took a backhoe on a joy-ride through bushland at Vincentia.

Shopping Centre To Be 'lifestyle Venue'

Last week sections of Melbourne Central were boarded up, plastic sheeting hid a backhoe and few customers passed through the doors. Fast-forward to the end of next year and the area will be transformed, with people spilling out of cafes, restaurants, cinemas and bars after visiting an array of more

Uproot And Grow

Winter is the ideal time to transplant many trees and shrubs, especially deciduous trees and conifers. Because they are dormant, the shock to the tree is minimised. The process can be as easy as hiring a backhoe to lift the tree, with as large a rootball as possible, and more